50 HR Women’s SelfCare Training


For female therapists, psychologists, yoga teachers, and all women interested in learning a Women’s SelfCare program. Learn to put yourself first. Especially if you are caring for a large number of people. This training will leave you feeling clear, revitalized, supported…and inspired. This training’s skills, techniques, and creativity will be a gift to share with your female clients, patients, students, family, and friends.

This 50 Hour Women’s SelfCare Informed Yoga Training is a light version of the 200HR Women’s SelfCare Training and features daily women’s health education, women’s yoga, and self-care rituals in addition to world-class guest teachers and an extraordinary setting. Providing international certification through Yoga Alliance and High Vibe Yoga to teach Women’s SelfCare Informed Yoga, as well as advancements in women’s psychology, physiology, sexuality, and spirituality at the 50-hour level. This one-of-a-kind training can be taken as a nourishing retreat and/or as a professional certified training. All women welcome.


Enjoy a new and honest education on women’s health.

Learn yoga specifically designed for the needs of female bodies and minds. You can apply these concepts to any style or level of yoga you desire to practice or teach.

Discover the superpowers of women, including menarche, sexuality, the ability to express one’s creativity, pregnancy, childbirth, pregnancy loss, postpartum healing, nursing, sustenance, peri-menopause, menopause, and post-menopause.

Discover the origins and evolution of femininity and how it affects women today.

Receive a fresh and surprising education in female and male sexual anatomy.

Gain gentle insight on how to support women through challenging times of loss, heartbreak, and grief.

Recognize the frequently overlooked importance and general safety measures required when a woman has any of the following: an IUD in place, a desire to become pregnant, a miscarriage, prolapse, lactation, menopause, postpartum, an irregular menstrual cycle, antidepressants and/or eating disorders.

Use pelvic care to relieve and cure persistent yeast infections, UTI, bladder or vaginal infections, menstrual pain, prolapse, birth wounds, poor libido, menopausal dryness, vulvodynia, and uncomfortable sex.

Learn Yoga Nidra, ancient sleep based yoga, specifically designed for women.

Learn to feel, embody and visualize your internal organs for self healing and vitality.

Follow the lunar (moon) phases in your day-to-day life for access to a nature-based calendar that indicates when to work, plan, and be sociable as well as when to save energy, withdraw, and rest.

Learn self-care rituals that restore the female nervous system, balance breath patterns, calm the sexual organs, release old traumas and tensions in the body, and strengthen the female psyche.

Discover how to lead authentic, inspirational women’s circles for your friends, family, and community.

This training will certify you to guide Women’s SelfCare Informed Yoga workshops and classes at the 50 hour level. You will graduate with the skills to offer women’s circles, sequences for women with Yoga, non-traditional modalities complimentary to the tradition of Yoga, Yoga Nidra and meditations for the female psyche, special writing exercises, partner work and basic educational material in women’s psychology, physiology, sexuality and spirituality. 

Emily Kuser

Founder of High Vibe Yoga 

Emily Kuser founded High Vibe Yoga in 2010, celebrating 600 graduates in 40 countries. She has a natural talent for establishing warm and welcoming learning spaces that are both transformative and fun. Her courses include a 200HR Foundational Yoga Training (great for beginners, those looking for a long retreat and/or those looking to teach Yoga), Women’s SelfCare and a 300HR Sex, Death & Wealth Informed Yoga Training. Spiritual mentors Sally Kempton, Andrea Boni, Tara Judelle and Kamini Desai have deeply influenced her work. Emily teaches globally and resides in Bali, her home of 15 years.


6 AM (Optional sunrise meditation)

8-10 AM Women’s Yoga

10-10:30AM Light Breakfast

10:30-12:30PM SelfCare Curriculum

12:30-2 PM Lunch Break & Nature Medicine

2-3PM Yoga Nidra, SelfCare Curriculum

3-5:00PM Women’s Yoga

5-6:30PM Nature Medicine & Sunset

6:30PM-7:30PM Dinner

7:30-8:30PM Cozy by the fireplace, herbal tea, ritual & song


Burning Woman by Lucie Pearce
Wild Power by Alexandra Pope
Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom by Christine Northrup M.D.
Medicine Woman by Lucie Pearce
Come as You Are by Emily Nagoski Ph.D
Women’s Anatomy of Arousal by Sheri Winston
Meditation Secrets For Women by Camille Maurine
The Woman’s Yoga Book by Bobby Clennell





    • Yoga Alliance certification at the 50-hour level
    • 50-hours of in-person teachings
    • Training Manual 
    • Daily breakfast
    • Welcome Gift bag
    • Ayurvedic treatment benefits card