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Yoga Nidra: The Art of Transformational Sleep


"I feel at peace with myself just as I am."



Yoga Nidra is an ancient sleep based meditation technique that has the power to take you to the innermost, deepest levels of relaxation where your whole body and being is permeated by peace of mind and profound stillness.

It uses the biology of your sleep to progressively empty the contents of the mind by moving down through the brainwave states where there are less and less thoughts.

It’s effortless. You don’t have to try because your body already knows how to do it.

Yoga Nidra is scientifically studied and proven to relieve stress and burnout, improve sleep quality, release anxiety and depression, recover a from PTSD symptoms, interrupt addictions and manage inflammation.

In this 3 hour masterclass we will drop into deepest levels of stillness and silence using Yoga Nidra, the sleep of the yogis.

"A rested body is a free body. A rested heart is a liberated heart. A mind at ease is a mind that can change any paradigm."

Bring notepook, pen, comfortable clothes and something to cover your eyes ie. scarf, shirt.



Emily Kuser (500 E-RYT ) comes from a family of explorers, artists, and writers. She has been practicing Yoga for over 20 years and teaching Yoga since 2006 in classes, workshops, retreats and yoga teacher trainings. Emily has been a senior member of The Yoga Barn teaching faculty since it’s opening in 2008.

In 2010, she founded High Vibe Yoga, one of Bali's first Yoga schools and offers 50-hour, 200-hour and 300-hour yoga trainings in specialized subjects. She has taught IAM Yoga Nidra, Embodied Flow, Anusara Yoga as well as the VITA Method and has received much inspiration from her meditation teacher the late Sally Kempton. She is gifted with bringing people together to explore and enrich the human experience with her honest, transparent, and warm-hearted vibe.

July 15, 2024

The Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali

Early Bird IDR 700,000
Regular IDR 800,000


October 15, 2024

The Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali

Early Bird IDR 700,000
Regular IDR 800,000